Dealing with hazardous household wastes

How to dispose of them properly and keep Knox County safe

Our Household Hazardous Waste Collection Site

Many items commonly found in your home are considered HHW. The District provides a depot for household hazardous waste to ensure safe disposal in effort to improve Knox County’s quality of life by keeping our soil and waterways clean.

HHW drop off has moved to our new location at 810 S. 17th Street, Vincennes
Open Monday-Friday 9am-3pm Wednesdays 9am-5pm

Oil Based Paints

Dispose of oil based paints at our HHW Collection Site.

DO NOT dry out, or place in regular household trash.

Latex Paints

Latex paints can be disposed of in household trash. Just follow these simple steps for drying:

  1. Remove lid from paint container, allow air to dry or follow steps 2 & 3
  2. Add sawdust, sand, oil dry, shredded paper or clay-based cat litter to the paint until there are equal parts absorbent and paint. Stir until mixed.
  3. Place the uncovered container in a well-ventilated area until the mixture has hardened.
  4. Dispose of the container with your regular trash. DO NOT bring latex paint or empty paint cans to HHW drop-off site

To identify latex paint, read the cleanup instruction. Latex paint can be cleaned using soap and water.

Tire Disposal

Best One Tire
Passenger $5.00
Semi $12.00
Agriculture By size

Raben Tire
Passenger $5.00
Agriculture $45.00

Passenger $5.00

Misc. Chemicals

Pesticides, herbicides, pool chemicals, cleansers, aerosol cans, thermostats, gasoline, kerosene, etc. Can be take to our Location at:

1600 Bayou St.
Tuesday/Thursday 9-5

Batteries and Lightbulbs

Rechargeable, Ion, lithium, NmHi Batteries, and CFL/fluorescent lightbulbs.

Can be take to our Location at:

1600 Bayou St.
Tuesday/Thursday 9-5


When medication are flushed down the toilet or sink, most of these chemicals pass through treatment plants or septci systems and can end up in nearby rivers or lakes which can hurt fish and other aquatic wildlife, and end up in our drinking water.

Please dispose of medication safely at one of these secure locations:

  • Vincennes Police Department
  • Bicknell Police Department
  • VU Police Department
  • Knox County Sheriff’s Department
  • Walgreens Pharmacy
  • CVS Pharmacy


Patients using intramuscular insulin injection may have significant quantities of used needles and syringes to dispose of.

It is dangerous to put used sharps in your regular trash.

Sharps containers for storage of used needles/syringes are available FREE OF CHARGE to Knox County Residents.

Pick up a container from:

  • Knox County Health Department
  • Welch Diabetes Education Center
  • Bayou St. HHW Collection Site

Appropriate disposal will be accomplished at no charge to you.

This program is a convenient way to sure that there are no accidental sticks of person coming in to contact with the needles during the collection and disposal of trash.


  • Use coffee cans, detergent jugs, or other unmarked or inappropriate for store or disposal or,
  • Put unmarked containers with needles in trash or flush needles down toilet.

Drop Boxes are available 24/7 Anonymous – No Questions Asked


Electronic contain heavy metals, including lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium that can be harmful if released in the environment.

There is a $15 fee for TV’s & computer monitors. All other electronics receive no charge.

Motor Oil

O’ Reilly’s
1900 Hart St,
Vincennes, IN 47591

Vincennes Recycling
1600 Bayou St.
Tuesday/Thursday 9-5

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