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The Knox County Recycling and Solid Waste Management District is an agency dedicated to improving the environment and quality of life for the residents of Knox County. The District promotes recycling, waste reduction and responsible waste disposal throughout the county.

The Recycling and Solid Waste Management District staff responds to individual questions from the public via telephone or email. The District receives many inquiries from people seeking information or advice regarding waste reduction, recycling or how to properly dispose items or materials.

The District offers educational programs promoting environmental stewardship to the public including schools, civic groups and other organizations. These programs focus on educating Knox County residents about the opportunities for waste reduction, reuse, recycling and proper disposal in the community.

The Knox County SWMD strives to improve the quality of life in Knox County by providing a weekly drop off location for proper household hazardous waste disposal and combating illegal dumping.


Mission Statement and Goals 

  • The Knox County Solid Waste Management District is to address the issues concerning solid waste management for all of Knox County ensuring environmentally sound and fiscally responsible management. This mission includes industry, business, agriculture and the public and private sectors.
  • Include the 4 R’s: reducing, reusing, recycling and rejection, with an emphasis on reduction.
  • Develop a plan for public education in support of the mission and to educate the public about their roles and responsibilities
  • Develop a method for the reduction of waste reaching the landfill.
  • Maintain a oneness of effort for the entire District
  • Characterize the solid waste stream and develop a plan to manage that stream in a responsible manner


  • Characterize the Solid Waste Stream.
  • Develop education for the public about their roles. Evaluate current disposal systems.
  • Identify current Solid Waste problems.
  • Identify future Solid Waste problems.
  • Educate the public on the problems.
  • Establish specific goals.
  • Develop a strategy to achieve goals.
  • Project cost of programs and equipment needs.

SWMD Staff

Executive Director: Michelle Smith

Recycling/HHW Specialist: Mike Mikiska

Recycling Collection Assistant: Tom Fossmeyer

Office Assistant: Meghan Lafferty

Part-Time Recycling Attendant- Monroe City: Carol Heady

Part-Time Recycling Attendant- Sandborn: Forrest Greene

Part-Time Recycling Attendant- Decker: Lewis DeKnikker


Office Address: 1303 Willow Street Vincennes, Indiana 47591

Hours of Business: Mon-Fri 8am – 4pm

  Printable Recycling Information Card

SWMD Board Members

Commisioner  Tim Ellerman

Commissioner  Trent Hinkle

Commissioner  Kellie Streeter

Mayor Joe Yochum

Mayor Thomas Estabrook

City Council: Duane Chattin

County Council: Randy Crismore

KCSWMD Board Meetings are 4th Monday of the month (May and Dec. are 3rd Monday) at 8 a.m.